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Meet the Trustees – Pek-San Tan

Pek is a co-founder and trustee of CARG. She is a school governor and trustee of 17-24-30 National Hate Crime Awareness Week. She is active in her local community in particular with reading support through the PTA with children in early years and was also a PTA Trustee. At the same time, Pek also spends

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Meet the Trustees – Alex Yip

Campaign Against Racism Group (CARG) is made up of several individuals from different backgrounds, we’ve caught up with Alex Yip, a Birmingham City Councillor, who was first elected in 2015 and is currently the Shadow Cabinet Member for Social Justice, Community Safety and Equalities on why he decided to get involved with CARG. Why did

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Let’s talk about Sinophobia

Wing Tsang and Dr Yeow Poon n n Sinophobia, or anti-Chinese sentiment, is the fear or hatred of China and Chinese people, which can take various forms, such as discriminatory policies, xenophobic rhetoric, and acts of violence. It has a long history dating back to the 19th century when Chinese immigrants faced discrimination in countries

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What is Microaggression?

Wing Tsang n n Microaggressions are a form of subtle and often unconscious discrimination that people experience daily. These are brief and commonplace verbal, nonverbal, or environmental slights, snubs, or insults, whether intentional or unintentional, that communicate derogatory messages to individuals based on their membership in a marginalised group. The term was introduced by Psychiatrist

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Dehumanising Our Brains

Reflection by Martin Edwards on a talk given by Lisa Yu on "Anti-Asian racism from a neuropolitical perspective" at the University of Vienna, 10th January 2023 n n What is the relationship between our brains and our politics? Can the differences in our brains explain some of the differences in our political beliefs? When we

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We Stand Together Against Racism

Speech given by Dr Yeow Poon during the Act of Hope and Remembrance at St Paul’s Cathedral during National Hate Crime Awareness Week. n n n n Racism against people of Chinese, East and Southeast Asian heritage goes back to at least the 19th Century during the Opium Wars between the UK and China. The

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